1. What types of injuries does TTR treat?

TTR treats almost all joint sprains and muscle strains. If there is an injury to your neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, foot, mid or lowback TTR most likely can treat it.

2. Do you have to be injured to be seen at TTR?

No. A lot of our clients are not injured but just want to be instructed in a good fitness program to prevent or rehabilitate from an injury.

3. Is Dr. Brisby a Chiropractor?

Yes. Dr. Brisby Graduated from Chiropractic College in 1987.

4. Do I have to be adjusted?

No. Most of treatment protocols do not require adjustment or joint mobilization.

5. Can I just come to TTR for an adjustment?

Yes. Dr. Brisby can just mobilize your joint(s) similar to what a Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer would do, However most prescribed treatment protocols at TTR require more than just a joint mobilization.

6. What other credentials does Dr. Brisby have?

National Certification in Athletic Training-Current, CPR-AED-Current, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist-Not Current, Emergency Medical Technician-Not Current

7. Does TTR accept insurance payments?

No. Dr. Brisby is a non-participating provider with all insurance companies.

8. Can I just come to TTR as a personal training client and not be treated as a patient?

Yes. One half of our clientele are clients not patients.

9. Can I join TTR gym and be a member?

Yes. There are significant discounts and perks for patients who are monthly members of TTR.

10. Is Dr. Brisby a Physical Therapist? Can Dr. Brisby do my physical therapy treatment?

Dr. Brisby is NOT a Physical Therapist. Dr. Brisby has been rehabilitating injuries since 1980 and his Chiropractic and Athletic Training Credentials allow for him to perform these services. TTR can not bill your insurance company for Physical Therapy services, so all therapy services will be self pay.

11. If I’m injured at work or in an accident can Dr. Brisby treat my injuries?

Yes. As long as, Mark W. Brisby, DC, ATC is in the MPN (medical provider network) for the Workers Compensation carrier and an authorization for Chiropractic treatment has been obtained.

12. Does TTR have Pilates or yoga?

Yes. Emilee Garfield has been been teaching both private and group Pilates and yoga classes at TTR since 2014.

13. Does TTR offer Acupuncture?

Yes . John Ebadi has been practicing Acupuncture at TTR since 2010.

14. Can I get a massage at TTR?

Yes. Therapeutic massage can be booked in 30 and 60 minute sessions.

15. Does TTR provide personal Stretch sessions?

Yes. All Training Room trainers are skilled, experienced and educated in proper stretch techniques. Stretch sessions are booked in 30 and 60 minute sessions.

19. Does TTR give discounts to High School athletes?

TTR contracts with San Marcos High School and provides a discount for in season athletes to be evaluated and treated at TTR.

16. Does TTR have group fitness classes?

Yes. Evening group fitness classes are offered Monday-Friday.

17. Is TTR open on weekends?

TTR is open on Saturdays 7 AM til 12 PM and closed Sundays.

18. Does TTR staff know CPR/AED?

Yes. All Staff are CPR/AED certified and current.